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Slalom courses are setup nearly every day of the week. There are 3 main spots: the Hatch Shell during the week and Saturday, Memorial Drive on Sunday, and the Boston Common various nights. There is a core group of about 15 people. It is best to park on Memorial Drive near MIT for the Hatch Shell and Boston Common courses, and on the side streets of Harvard for the Sunday Memorial Drive course. If you prefer parking garages, those are available, too. Eats are abundant.

Season is from mid-April to Mid November.

Location and Times
Memorial Drive: at Western Ave. Sundays from 11am to 7pm (more like 6p).

Memorial Drive: at ___ (the BatCave). When the main MemDrive course gets crowded.

Hatch Shell: by the statue of __, near Storrow Dr. Weeknights and Saturdays from ~noon to 5-6pm.

Esplanade: at the 1st bridge beyond the Hatch Shell toward Massachusetts Ave., on the island, between the playground and the canal. Backup spot to the Hatch Shell site. Times when there are too many people at the Shell.

Boston Common: along the path from the corner of Beacon and Charles up towards the opposite corner of the park; just before you pass over the seal. A faster course is the other path that passes over the seal, down from the Frog Pond to the Public Garden.

Storrow Drive: Earth Day (from ~noon-4p) and July 4th (~10.30a-8p) Only. 30 cone courses are set up in the 2 lanes closest to the river under the Mass. Ave bridge.

MIT: on the Boston side concrete path between the Student Center and Johnson Athletic Center. Two courses can be setup though. Please have an MIT student with you when you use this course.

Memorial Drive: 2 straight, nicely graded courses down from an intersection that includes a bridge. Asphalt is medium quality, somewhat slick at times at the top. Approx 10-12 step run-up and 50 feet of run-out, depending on where the barricades are placed. Occasionally, the right course is set up staggered. One lane wide each.

Memorial Drive: Mild slope with a slight curve to the left. 8 step run-up and 20' run-out into MemDrive pedestrian/skate/bike traffic, so be careful. Tree covered and scattered leaves. Asphalt pretty good. One lane wide.

Hatch Shell: Changing mild to mild medium slope with a steep curve to the left. As much curved run-up as you want, 30' straight run-out into gates around teh Hatch Shell, more run-out curves to the left. Beware many pedestrians in the run-out. Asphalt nice, sometimes covered with dust and dirt after concerts. 4.5 ft. path width (so somewhat narrow).

Boston Common: Either a gentle straight slope on a 6' wide path, or a steep straight slope on a 4' path lined with bricks. Beware crossing pedestrians. Asphalt quality very nice. (repaved 2-3 years ago with only foot/bike/skate traffic). Original course is along the path from Park St. station to the Publiuc Garden, starting at the ball fields. It is nicely steep and strongly curves to the left, but is no longer used due to pedestrian traffic.

Storrow Drive: <drool> 2 straight courses that transition from medium slope to nicely steep after 5-7 cones. Asphalt conditions are nice to average (at the bottom). Beware cyclists and pedestrians (esp after 3p). Lots of spectators. Courses are a lane wide, but right course is bordered by a curb and metal rail/barrier. Run-up and run-out are unlimited, and usually increase as the day goes on.

MIT: Flat concrete course with cross marks in the cement 5ft apart. Path is 5ft wide and bordered by grass. Beware pedestrian traffic (they are oblivious). Run-up is 5 steps, run-out is near unlimited.

  • Memorial Drive between the BU bridge and Longfellow.
  • Parking garage at University Park, next to the Star Market
  • Parking garage at the Boston Common
  • Eats
  • Bertucci's @ Copley Sq.! (Official restaurant after every nightskate)
  • LaVerde's in the MIT Student Center: No skates allowed, but great subs at decent price.
  • Steve's: Greek restaurant on Newbury St.
  • Quality Mart: corner of Mass Ave and Beacon
  • Store 24 in Harvard Sq.
  • Lodging
  • Residence Inn, Cambridge
  • Howard Johnson's, Cambridge
  • HoJo's Kenmore

  • Pictures and Videos
    Memorial Drive:

    Memorial Drive:

    Hatch Shell:

    Boston Common:

    Storrow Drive:





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